Expected Results

So what’s in it for you after you complete the 12-week cycle of the Hatch Squat Program? On top of increasing absolute strength, you may experience some of the following:
power lifter

  • Improved Explosive Power, Speed, Absolute Strength and Muscular Endurance
  • Mastery of Squatting Skills
  • Increased Workout Discipline

Most athletes find themselves being thankful after going through the Hatch program. In fact, below are results we’ve found from others online:

  • … it is good, it works, even for a 38 year old guy like me who has no time to sleep and not enough determination to eat the right way… ~Christian Lemburg
  • … I definitely feel my legs getting stronger and bigger… ~olyw8lifter
  • … overall I am very happy with the results and progress I made during the Hatch program. This is probably my favorite strength program, to date… ~Jes
  • … I used to hate squatting, but now I like it a lot… ~Joe Hart